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Spring Trends Year Round

OK, posting a blog post regarding spring trends in the winter may not be fair...  However, it is never to soon to shop for spring fashion.  Also, in some parts of the world they weather feels like spring right now...
Below is a spring trends blog post created by Annabel Tollman for a eBay fashion video series..
Spring Trends:
Hi I’m Annabel Tollman, I’m a celebrity stylist and I’m here to share some style tips and fashion finds straight from the pages of eBay Fashion.  It’s easy to get caught up in trends, but the trick to wearing them is not to wear them head to toe, but to incorporate a piece or two into your own personal style. 
Today I’m going to show you how to update your wardrobe for spring. There are many different eras of florals to choose from 30’s, 50’s but what they all have in common is they are all exuberant, fresh, and really feel so springy. 
Diane is wearing this 1930’s floral dress, which it’s really one of my favorite ways to wear floral.  The 30’s shape can be kind of unflattering because it bypasses the waist, but with any dress that can be a little unflattering you can always put a belt around it and it really sharpens everything up, this is a great Peter Som belt with all of these straps on it and we have a Bottega Veneta shoe which I think is just gorgeous. So this is a really, really great way to embrace the season and bring a bit of floral into your life. 
Military is so in right now, but the key to wearing it is to limit yourself to one piece only to avoid looking like you joined the army.  One piece of military worn with this fun girly, twirly skirt from J. Crew and a vintage, fun floral belt – I think it shows off the trend perfectly, while still making it feel really fresh and wearable.  
Lingerie was a huge trend on the catwalks this year but to wear it in real life, here’s how to wear it without getting arrested for indecent exposure.  So, here we have Brandie who’s wearing this amazing soft pink corset shirt and we’ve put it with this nautical stripe t-shirt and with flats.  And I think it’s just a really cute way to wear this trend, it’s very, very wearable and you can really just walk down the street wearing it without getting arrested. 
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