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Online Fashion, Shoe and Handbag Stores

Here are a few of relatively new online fashion, shoe and handbag stores.  These sites all use Amazon technology, but are tweaked to provide clothing results based on the categories as listed below. Women's Fashion Store Men's Fashion Store Children's Fashion Store Clothing Store Handbags Store   Women's Shoe Store You may be wondering, "is using these new stores any better then simply going to and shopping for clothing?".  Well, the answer is, "I don't know".  I think the stores above are better, but you may not agree...  Anyway, if you are interested, you can check out these stores.  If you not interested, please disregard this shopping blog post entirely. If you are interested in more online clothing store options, you can check the clothing store section on Apparel Search.  From their you can find brick and mortar stores as well as online fashion retailers .