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Fashion Designer Meredith Garrett Introduction

Introducing, Meredith Garrett, designer of Signorelli, a contemporary women’s tee line based in LA! An Arizona native, the LA resident (who happens to also be a yogi guru, pilot, and mother) introduces Signorelli’s Fall '13 collection exuding current trendy textures, distressed graphics and bold statements. The brand offers tees, tanks, sweaters and hoodies perfect for any wardrobe and all pieces are available under $100; Garrett firmly believes in giving back to the community and created the  Signorelli Movement Foundation, where she donates a portion of the proceeds to one of 8 different causes (including Computers for Africa, Educate America Program, Organic Gardens, Wildlife Adoption Program, Cause for Paws, Inspire the Arts, Hope for Breast Cancer, and Giving The Shirts Off Our Back).  

Signorelli has already acquired a celebrity following including Kendall Jenner and Cheryl Burke (pics below!).

Kendall Jenner Tweets About Barefoot Dreams

Kendall Jenner posted a pic of herself on twitter wrapped up in her Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw ($137). The aspiring model then tweeted on a photo shoot, "I wish I was wrapped up in that Barefoot Dreams Blanket and Sweater right now" during a quick break (prices available upon request;

Solving Clothing Fit Issues with Custom Tailoring

You might find it hard to believe, but supposedly Sofia Vergara is having trouble finding dresses that fit her well.  In a recent New York magazine interview she was quoted, “I can barely wear an outfit or a dress that I don’t have to alter.” If somebody with such a picture perfect figure is struggling to find clothing that fits her well, what are the rest of us, with less-than-flawless shapes, to do?

How many times have you grabbed a dress off the rack in what promises to fit “your size”,  only to find that it fits improperly in certain places. Maybe a little tight at the chest, perhaps a little loose at the hips? For fit issues of this nature, we want to introduce you to eShakti, the online retailer that custom-tailors clothing to your exact measurements and style preferences, ensuring you always get the perfect fit.

Unlike traditional fashion retailers, eShakti embraces and celebrates their customers’ individuality, offering women the chance to design her own clothing t…

Barefoot Dreams Covered in Prayer Collection

Designed with the coziest knits and creamiest cottons in an array of calming colors, Barefoot Dreams features a collection that is soothing to the senses. Covered in Prayer is a unique collection designed with a prayer for faith, grace, hope, and life in mind. Established in 1994 by Annette Cook, Barefoot Dreams embraces her philosophy of creating a precious line of children's and adult products while accommodating her commitment to family.

Covered in Prayer served as an inspiration for Annette while she battled one of life's greatest challenges, cancer. Her inspiration was to give back to a community that supported her, as well as provide products that bring comfort both physically and spiritually. Covered in Prayer blankets offer the comfort of a beautiful warm blanket with an inspirational message embossed on a suede patch. Messages include "Trust the Journey," "Believe in Love," "Bless This Life," "Faith in Prayer," an…

Rachel Sin Showing Fashion Collection for June Market

DATES: JUNE 10 - 14, 2013



ADDRESS: 843 S. Los Angeles St. #401


LondonEdge Attracts Array of New International Fashion Brands

LondonEdge's new international offering for the September 2013 show.  Below you will find information detailing the collection information on some of the international brands exhibiting this year as well as a overview of the trade show as a whole.

Click the images below to increase the size of the image and text.  Below is two image files you can click on to enlarge.

Learn more about LondonEdge trade show events.

Lovely In Lace with Maggy London

Maggy London takes inspiration from the world’s top runways and elegantly translates the trends—like fashion’s current love affair with lace—for everyday women. This season ladylike lace is back with a modern twist. With breezy, delicate details and timeless silhouettes, these three dresses will get you the in demand lace look without breaking the bank.
Be on trend with Maggy London’s youthful, sophisticated take in a sexy black sheer lace detailed peplum dress. Or, try a vintage inspired look with a full flared skirt and floral embroidery. Mix lace with trendy graphics in a Maggy London bright print and lace dress and you’ll look like an A-lister, all for under $200.