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Hot Topic Teen Fashion

The holiday's are coming. Maybe parents should by teens what they actually want. Learn more about Hot Topic . Do you realize the Black Friday is around the corner? You may want to learn more about Black Friday fashion sales.

Cyber Monday Fashion

If you are asking, "When should I buy that beautiful handbag I saw today at Nordstrom?".  Let me to be the first to say, "what, are you crazy?".  Do you realize what day it is today?  If not, take a look at your calendar .  It is so close to black Friday and Cyber Monday it is not even funny.  I get the fact that you may be an impatient person.  However, I do not get the fact that you can not wait to find out which items will be steeply discounted during the holiday sales season.  In fairness, I am not sure if Nordstrom will have any special sales promotions on handbags.  However, it may still be a good idea to wait, so that you can find out.   You may want to preview some of the sales events by browsing the Black Friday and Cyber Monday websites.  Some of them are already showing some of the circulars for this year.  Their is a new cyber Monday fashion site from Apparel Search which can help you find other holiday sales websites.  The site does not

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday sales are coming very soon.  You may be asking, "when are they coming?".   To help answer your questions, I suggest that you look at your calendar.  If you do not have one handy, you can use the fashion calendar and then flip to November.  Now, look for Thanksgiving.  Oops.. The Fashion Calendar may not actually list information about Thanksgiving day.  In fairness to the calendar developers, Thanksgiving is not really a fashion specific holiday.  Certainly, the pilgrims were very fashionable (kidding), but the holiday is unfortunately not all about fashion.  Because the holiday is not specific to fashion, their is no need for it to be on the fashion calendar (don't you agree).  Due to the fact that Thanksgiving may not be on the fashion calendar, you may want to trust me when I say that Thanksgiving 2011 falls on Thursday November the 24th .  OK, now that we have Thanksgiving day figured out, let's simply move to the following "Monday

Black Friday Deals

Deal or no deal?  My assumption is that for this holiday selling season the clothing stores and fashion boutiques will have some wonderful black Friday deals and special events.  Certainly, I am NOT making any guarantees.  However, based on the slow economy, I am assuming that retailers will create incentives to bring consumers into their stores.   If you are interested in learn about various black Friday deals , you may want to visit the new website.   In addition to Black Friday Deals, you may want to research cyber Monday as well as other special deal opportunities for fashion.

Black Friday Sales

Are you serious?  I can't believe we are so close to Black Friday.  This is so exciting.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are clearly two of the absolute most terrific days of the year.  Certainly, Christmas morning is also exhilarating.  However, I think I could actually live without Christmas but never live without Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  OK, maybe I am exaggerating a bit.  In reality, I prefer the actual day of Christmas over both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  For the sake of this blog post, let's just continue on the assumption that the holiday sales season as actually more important then the holiday's themselves.   If you take a quick peek at the calendar , you will see that we are nearly to Thanksgiving.  I am not too excited about Turkey, but I am eager for the following day.  If you are like me, interested in black Friday sales, you may want to visit the black Friday sales website at   If you know of any sp