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Netrobe for Fashion Lovers

Fashion lovers around the world can now share their closets, find inspiration, showcase wardrobe “must haves” and even shop online with the launch of  NETROBE.COM . Prompting users with the simple question, “What are you wearing?,” the new online social network tool makes it easy for tastemakers and fans alike to immerse themselves in the very latest trends, build outfits from what’s already in their closets, and receive peer-to-peer feedback for the best new looks.   Designed by company founder and CEO Christina Plakopita as an iOS app in 2011, the web version was created in response to popular demand by   loyal followers craving a social network to showcase their style and share ideas.  not only provides all of the features users loved on the original app, it also offers enhanced functionality on a larger screen as part of a more integrated platform.  As CEO Christina Plakopita notes: “I wanted to create a globalized & digital forum where fashion en

Vanessa Hudgens at the Ischia Global Film Festival Awards

Vanessa Hudgens is Chic in State Room Jewelry ,  Ocnarf Sairutsa and ELAHN Jewel s to the Ischia Global Film Festival     Vanessa Hudgens is elegantly chic in State Room Jewerly ,  Ocnarf Sairutsa ,  and ELAHN Jewel s at the Ischia Global Film Festival Awards Gala and Dinner on July 19th and July 20th in Ischia, Italy.  The actress accepted the Global Icon Award in the "Love" Ring in Rose Gold by Ocnarf Sairutsa . At the festival's premiere of "Frozen Ground' Premiere, the beauty once again wore the "Love" Ring , along with a Diamond Barrel Ring by ELAHN Jewels , and a pair of Pink Rectangle Earrings in Diamonds and Chalcedony by State Room Jewelry .     State Room   Jewelry  by Sarin Minassian offers both subtle, elegant pieces to bolder, statement ones. The collection is inspired from trends from around the world, and provides pieces that can transition from day to night.   State Room Jewelry   has