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Dress Perfection - Annabel Tollman

Dress Perfection - Annabel Tollman

Annabel Tollman is a celebrity stylist and fashion journalist with a penchant for "Old Hollywood" glamour. Her Brittania roots influence her work which can be seen on clients like Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson, and America Ferrara. Tollman's cheeky personality and keen styling sensibility is often channeled thru her frequent contributions to The UK Telegraph.

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Dress Perfection – with celebrity stylist Annabel Tollman:
Finding that perfect dress can be a stressful process to endure. Let's face it, we dress according to how we feel and what our day holds. Whether you are preparing for that serious meeting, heading out on a first date, or looking for that dress that always fits no matter if you're not feeling your best, there is an answer to dress stress without spending a fortune, at eBay fashion.
The armor dress is for when a woman wants to be taken seriously, not too flashy and not too sexy.  This is the dress you wear for a job interview or to meet the parents.
·         Look for a knee-length dress, no shorter
·         Your neckline shouldn't be distractingly low
·         Choose a fabric that doesn't wrinkle, wool or double face will still look great, even after sitting down
The results dress is what you wear on a first date and should all be about maximum va va voom. Make sure to show off your shape and pair it with a sassy shoe. A confidence dress, like this one from Dolce & Gabbana is all about a great low neckline.
·         Add a cardigan and belt for modesty and take this look from day to night
·         You can always take off your cardigan after the entrée and low and behold you are dessert
Complete the look with a coquettish shoe, like these from Christian Louboutin. Keep it high and bright
The wonder dress always fits, even if you’re not feeling your best. The key element to this dress is the shape. A free flowing skirt, with a fitted waist hides a multitude of sins. It shows what matters most and helps keep confidence high. Every woman needs this dress in her wardrobe.
·         A full skirt makes everything above and below look smaller
·         Comfortablish heels, like these by Manolo Blahnik, are an automatic mood elevator
·         Choose a color that makes you smile. You can't help being in a good mood if you're wearing red
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