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Milk the Goat: A Passport to Style Around the Globe

Combining a "California Pin-up Hippie" aesthetic with a carefree and fresh point-of-view, fashion label and e-boutique, is truly for the girl who is young at heart and envisions the world as her playground. Founded by head designer, Nicole Kunz, Milk the Goat is a culmination of her life and travels filled with surf, sun and laughter. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Kunz was determined to create a line that celebrates the natural curves of the female body without sacrificing cutting edge style and flattering fit. With the help and inspiration from her Milkmaids - what she calls her community of MTG colleagues, photographers and models they worked with, plus consumers and fans - Milk the Goat is a representation of each individual's spirit. The collection includes swimwear, flirty dresses, lacey rompers, and intricate jewelry pieces that are as versatile as they are distinct.

Milk the Goat's fashion collection includes playful pieces that are enriched with whim, fantasy, and femininity. The collection's designs surge with vivid colors of turquoise, lavender, and orange, rich textures and fabrics like cotton, rayon and nylon which are effortlessly constructed to enhance the beauty of a woman's figure. The La Jolla lace dress is developed with intricate embroidery and comes with a chic slip that allows both pieces to be worn together or as separates illustrating flexibility. Other stand-out pieces are Milk the Goat's unconventional bathing suits that come in bright, electric colors of purple, soft pink, tangerine and blue. Made of 100% nylon, the swimsuits highlight a girl's curves for ultimate fit and flatter.
Milk the Goat's jewelry collection is another facet of Kunz's worldly endeavors. Available in sterling silver, gold-plated brass and solid brass metals, the delicate pieces are handmade with care in Bali, Indonesia. The MTG Logo Necklaces are delicate and sophisticated - perfect to layer with Milk the Goat's various fashion separates. Gilded cuffs are adorned with blown glass from Venice and speak to the beauty and uniqueness of nature.
A fashion and online retailer consisting of girls who are travel junkies, Milk the Goat provides a space where women can not only showcase designs but also show unique finds from each and every corner of the globe. The section of the website called Treasure Chest offers visitors a glimpse into Kunz's globe-trotting life by providing one-of-a-kind apparel and jewelry pieces available for purchase. Treasure Chest's one-of-a-kind pieces will also incorporate Milk the Goat's philanthropic spirit where a portion of the proceeds will go to a local tribe or charity within the area MTG traveled. Each collection or piece will be accompanied by a video illustrating how each one-of-a-kind sample is made and will also give the consumer a glimpse at the town where the profits will be donated. Milk the Goat also has an additional section on the website called Other Designers - a space where unique products from other local up-and-coming designers are posted. These features set Milk the Goat apart by not only showcasing a unique view into Kunz's world but by also provide the customer the option to buy a piece that one of the Milkmaids own themselves.

Nicole Kunz created Milk the Goat to provide clothes that flatter the natural curves of the female body, yet extend a social platform to live and share new experiences. Milk the Goat sets itself apart by opening up to promote and sell not only its brand but others who inspire the designs. A representation and community of eclectic spirits, Milk the Goat ever exudes that spirit of "living life to the fullest." Milk the Goat's apparel is available in XS-L (with a special "Tall Small" inspired by Kunz's modelesque long and lean friends) and her clothing and jewelry pieces range from $40-$600;


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