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Chrissie Miller and Pharrell Williams Open Exclusive Club Chrissie

If you’ve been waiting for your invitation for “Club Chrissie” to arrive for, well…since forever you are in luck! Chrissie Miller, co-founder of Sophomore and famed self-proclaimed “hang-out-aholic” is opening the doors to the exclusive club with her brand new web series premiering on Pharrell Williams’ i am OTHER YouTube Channel. This week Chrissie teams up with Pharrell to show us how to customize headphones. 

Chrissie Miller was already a respected NY DJ when she burst onto the fashion scene introducing her downtown style of edgy simplicity, with her Sophomore brand which she co-founded with designer Madeleine von Froomer. She was also well known in the NYC party scene as the girl with the most exclusive home turned club that at any moment you could find anyone from Lindsay Lohan to the cult band The Virgins hanging around. Chrissie has decided it’s time for everyone to have a little “Club Chrissie” in their life and is bringing her most stylish friends including; designers Charlotte Ronson, Reece Solomon, Pamela Love and Leah Dell, actress Drea De Matteo, Mickey Boardman, Sarah Howard, Pharrell, i am OTHER artist Maxine Ashley, and model Cory Kennedy along for the ride. Together they will teach viewers how to elevate their accessories from weak to chic in the fashion DIY program. Viewers can tune in weekly beginning October 15th to learn how to add LES chic to everything from their iphone, to shoes, to Sophmore’s specialty, the glam cotton tee.

“Club Chrissie is a DIY/talk show done in a way that you have never seen before”, Chrissie says. “It’s part Wayne’s World, part Pee-wee’s Playhouse, inviting viewers to add their own creativity to projects, so it fits perfectly into Pharrell’s concept of 'i am other'".

Club Chrissie was handpicked by Pharrell to join i am Other’s programming as the first fashion DIY dedicated program meant to reach and inspire individuality in his community of “Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts.” i am Other, a Google original content partner, was created with Pharrell’s vision of a channel that explored the pursuit of individuality, the defiance of expectations, and the arrival of a new class of visionaries.

Chrissie Miller serves as “Club Chrissie’s” creator and host and has been featured in NY Times, Paper,, StyleCaster, Vogue, Interview and more, celebrating her successful fashion brand along with her unique personality and status as a leader in the LES fashion community.

About Chrissie Miller:

Born and raised in Manhattan, Chrissie Miller first caught the world's attention with her contemporary clothing line SOPHOMORE, launched in 2002. The collection of graphic t-shirts and everyday separates, adored by celebrities like, Chloƫ Sevigny, Bijou Phillips, and Sarah Jessica Parker and featured in some of the most prestigious publications including The New York Times, Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Purple Magazine, led Miller to open, Ludlow 143 in 2010, a standalone store on the Lower East Side.

Miller was one of the first fashion designers to turn the standard look book into a veritable work of art; commissioning well known photographers and directors, like Cass Bird, to create moody, ethereal short films featuring a who’s who of the city’s cool kids—ChloĆ« Sevigny, Aurel Schmidt, Rita Ackermann, Dan Colen, and Leo Fitzpatrick, among others. Her sense of style and perennially downtown aesthetic has led to creative directing gigs for the likes of K Mart, Calypso, Charlotte Ronson, Urban Outfitters, Modelina and Madison Harding.
Miller’s latest endeavor, “Club Chrissie,” a DIY talk show on Pharrell Williams' YouTube channel, I Am Other, was born out of her unique ability to bring together creative people from all walks of life—from her uptown roots to her downtown dwellings (her East Village apartment was first dubbed “Club Chrissie” by Paper Magazine). The weekly show features interviews with Miller's eclectic group of friends, including Drea De Matteo, Maxine Ashley, Pamela Love and Williams.

About i am OTHER:

Grammy Award winning music icon Pharrell Williams launched the i am OTHER YouTube channel in June of 2012. Williams describes the new endeavor as “a cultural movement dedicated to Thinkers, Innovators and Outcasts.” The newest addition to Pharrell’s i am OTHER brand, the YouTube channel, is part of Google’s initiative to create channels with original programming. The line-up includes the critically acclaimed web series Awkward Black Girl, exclusive interviews from eccentric music journalist Nardwuar, new fan favorite Stereotypes, artist expression documentary Voice Of Art and exclusive videos from Williams about everything from music to food. The channel also features significant viewer participation and creative minds have the opportunity to interact with Williams within a community of self-defined OTHERS.
The programs on i am OTHER’s YouTube channel explore the pursuit of individuality, the defiance of expectations, and the arrival of a new class of visionaries. By celebrating creative pursuits of all kinds, the channel will showcase the architects of global culture, music, fashion, and the arts.


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