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Express Fashion Sales for July 2011

1) Men's & Women's Jeans - Buy 1 Get 1 50% off

2) July 13th - July 17th - $15 off $30, $30 off $75 or $50 off $150 - Promo code TBD

Reminder of Upcoming Promotions:
1) June 13th - July 4th - Clearance Sale - Save up to 70% off + take an additoinal 20% off!  (This is our strongest converting offer so don't miss it!) 

2) Independance Day Event June 30th - July 4th:  Save $15 off every $60 you spend with promo code: 1479

3) Independance Day Event June 30th - July 4th:  40% off all Men's and Women's Graphic Tees

4) Independance Day Event June 30th - July 4th:  30% off all Men's and Women's Jeans

Learn more about Express from the Express profile on Apparel Search.


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What is Size XO Fashion

What is size XO fashion?

OK, it is possible you have never heard of size XO.  It is also possible that size XO does not exist or never has existed.  Well, the fact of the matter is that I am fairly sure size XO does exist.  I was on facebook last night and on the Fashion Bug page someone was asking why Fashion Bug charged more for size XO then they did for size XL.  The lady writting the post mentioned she measured them and they appeared to be the same.  Anyway, I tried to research the size and did not find much at all.  It is my understanding (possibly and incorrect understanding) that size XO clothing was created for larger size women in the same manner that size zero was created for smaller size women.  It is very possibly simply a "vanity" size.

OK, here is how Fashion Bug explained the size, "The sizes XL and OX are in fact different. An OX provides more room in various areas of the garment such as the body, armholes, sleeve length and shoulders. And a 1X have even…

Holiday/Resort 2014 at LA Fashion Market

Thousands of Holiday/Resort 2014 collections will be available to buyers during Los Angeles Fashion Market, Monday - Thursday, August 4 - 7, 2014, hosted at the California Market Center (CMC), with Sunday, August 3rd, open for Preview. Resources can be found throughout hundreds of CMC showrooms, Fashion Market Temporaries and the LA Kids Market.

In addition to Holiday/Resort 14 and Immediates, buyers will see an abundance of European collections housed at the CMC that will debut Spring 15 this Market. Creative Concepts, a showroom that solely reps European lines, will be debuting many Spring 15 collections from brands including Art On Fashion, Beate Heymann, Rodika Zanian, INDIES, Not Shy, and more. "August is a good Market for us because buyers attending know that our Spring European collections break," says Peter Jacobsen of Creative Concepts. "LA Fashion Market is the first show in the US where many of our lines debut their new collections."

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