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Holiday/Resort 2014 at LA Fashion Market

Thousands of Holiday/Resort 2014 collections will be available to buyers during Los Angeles Fashion Market, Monday - Thursday, August 4 - 7, 2014, hosted at the California Market Center (CMC), with Sunday, August 3rd, open for Preview. Resources can be found throughout hundreds of CMC showrooms, Fashion Market Temporaries and the LA Kids Market.

In addition to Holiday/Resort 14 and Immediates, buyers will see an abundance of European collections housed at the CMC that will debut Spring 15 this Market. Creative Concepts, a showroom that solely reps European lines, will be debuting many Spring 15 collections from brands including Art On Fashion, Beate Heymann, Rodika Zanian, INDIES, Not Shy, and more. "August is a good Market for us because buyers attending know that our Spring European collections break," says Peter Jacobsen of Creative Concepts. "LA Fashion Market is the first show in the US where many of our lines debut their new collections."

Other new resources include Adam Jacobs, Orion At'eed, Alice's Pig, Danity, Playful Promises, Whistle and Wolf, Beautiful Stories, Nymfete, Krazy Larry, Me, Stilleto, Custo Barcelona, Wild Rose Apparel , Skylton Paris, W5 Concepts/Klist, Kaii, Inoah, Adore, Art on Fashion, London Minori, Chanour, Stella Nemiro, and many more including new showroom, Skylton Paris, a luxury denim brand, debuting at this LA Fashion Market.

"We are very proud to be part of the CMC," said owner, Cyril Bonnan. "We wanted to be in the heart of the LA Fashion District, and the CMC has a rich history of being associated with successful brands."

Additionally, Skylton, along with Splash PR Agency, will be hosting a Runway Show on Monday, August 4 in the Main Lobby of the CMC. Open to registered buyers and industry guests, cocktails and food will begin at 5pm. The show will feature a variety of denim looks from the French brand, in addition to a live band, a raffle drawing, and gift bag giveaways.

Running concurrently with LA Fashion Market will be Temporaries and an abbreviated edition of TRANSIT LA Shoe Show, both held in the CMC's Fashion Theater, Monday and Tuesday, 10am-5pm, and Wednesday from 10am-4pm. A sampling of exhibitors include A.Marie Jewelry, Blowfish Malibu, Latigo, Green Tree Jewelry, Nomad Footwear, Yellow Box and others.

TRANSIT exhibitor, Pete Julienne of Nomad Footwear, expresses the importance of showing at the traditionally scaled-down, August Edition of TRANSIT. "The last August Show turned out very well for us," says Julienne. "The smaller number of vendors gives us an advantage and better opportunity to meet with the regular buyers at the Show."

SELECT Contemporary Tradeshow & TRANSIT Shoe Show will not take place during the August Market but will return to LA Fashion Market on Oct 13-15, 2013 for the Spring 2015 season.

Holiday/Resort 2014 Los Angeles Fashion Market takes place Monday-Thursday, August 4-7, 2014 at the California Market Center. Show hours are 9:00am- 6:00pm daily, with Sunday open for Preview. Spring 15 LA Fashion Market will take place Sunday - Wednesday, October 12-15, 2014.

About the LA Fashion Market- Five times a year, buyers from around the globe flock to the CMC to view the season's newest collections presented by thousands of brands at LA Fashion Market. From apparel and accessories to gifts and lifestyle collections, the product array at the CMC is unmatched on the West Coast, catering to every price point and market niche. Collections are presented throughout hundreds of permanent showrooms and tradeshow areas featured throughout the CMC. For more information visit

You may want to see the previous Fall/Holiday 2014 CMC event blog post on the Apparel Search fashion blog.


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