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Tada Sales October 2011

Tada Sales October 2011



Begins 10/24/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/29/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Handcrafted bracelet from A Global Friendship

Shell-pink handcrafted bracelet with hand carved wooden button closure
50% off
20% proceeds benefit research to end breast cancer, remaining proceeds go to women artisans in rural Northern Thailand to provide food and books for their children and families
$3.95 Standard Shipping
Read more about A Global Friendship's mission here

TAGLINE Purchase a beautiful bracelet from A Global Friendship and support two great causes! 20% of proceeds benefit research to end breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October 24, 2011: UPSCALE GALLERY

Begins 10/24/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/29/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Designer glassware, flatware, crystal and more from Upscale Gallery

Waterford, Kosta Boda, Orrefors & More
Up to 54% off
$5.99 flat rate shipping

TAGLINE Whether you're just starting your first home, updating your collections, or bringing some luxury to a friend, you can depend on Upscale Gallery for a truly pleasurable shopping experience.

October 24, 2011: ICE.COM

Begins 10/24/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/29/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Stunning and Stylish Jewelry from

Pearl, diamond, and gemstone jewelry
Up to 59% off
Free standard shipping

TAGLINE offers an incredible selection of diamond, pearl, and gemstone jewelry in all the latest styles. Shop an array of stunning jewelry at up to 59% off at�

October 25, 2011: NOVICA

Begins 10/25/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/30/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Hand Blown Glassware and Ceramics from Novica

NOVICA is committed to fair trade, which empowers artisans to develop a viable business from their craft, enriching their local communities.
Glassware, ceramics, table accessories and more
$4.99 Standard Shipping

TAGLINE NOVICA, part of the National Geographic family, partners with the highest skilled artisans from around the world to bring customers a truly global collection of the latest designs in glassware and tableware. Shop the collection today at TaDa!

October 25, 2011: BELLO IRIS

Begins 10/25/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/30/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Handbags & Fashion Accessories from Bello Iris

Lots of great styles
Up to 60% off
$4.95 Standard Shipping

TAGLINE Every woman wants to look good no matter where she comes from, who she is or what her personality is like. Bello Iris caters to your fashion needs while remaining cruelty free! Shop faux leather bags from Bello Iris at up to 60% off, today at TaDa.

October 26, 2011: SHOEBUY.COM

Begins 10/26/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/31/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: $15 for $30 To Spend on Brand Name Shoes from

$30 to spend on shoes and accessories at
Tons of name brands to choose from: Aerosoles, AK Anne Klein, Jessica Simpson, Kenneth Cole New York, Skechers and so many more
Free Standard Shipping on orders place at

TAGLINE With the latest fashions and largest selection of styles per brands, has lots to offer and is sure to have just the shoe or accessory for you! Get $30 to spend at, for just $15.

October 26, 2011: ORGANIC BEAUTY NOW

Begins 10/26/2011 4am PST
Ends 10/31/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Organic Bath, Beauty and Hair Care Products

All natural products boasting free radical fighting ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan Oil, and more
$5.95 Standard Shipping

TAGLINE Shop an amazing selection of all natural beauty and skincare products from Organic Beauty Now. Enjoy these products and continue to look beautiful and live wisely.

October 20, 2011: THEPAWS.COM

Begins 10/27/2011 4am PST
Ends 11/1/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Pet treats, toys, beds and more from

Pet and Vet approved essentials for your furry friends
Up to 63% off
$2.95 Standard Shipping

TAGLINE With a variety of toys, beds, treats and more, you're sure to find great buys for your fuzzy friend. Shop the wide selection from today at TaDa.

October 27, 2011: A DOG'S LIFE

Begins 10/28/2011 4am PST
Ends 11/2/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: $15 for $30 for Customized Pet Treats

$30 to spend at A Dog's Life
Unique gifts for pets and pets owners, all customizable with a pic of your furry friend
Tons of press: Take a look here

TAGLINE Get a $30 eGift Card to A Dog's Life for just $15 at TaDa. Shop the most unique customizable gifts for pets and pet lovers.

October 28, 2011: BUTTER BELL

Begins 10/28/2011 4am PST
Ends 11/2/2011 4am PST

ON SALE: Butter Crocks & Tabletop Accessories from Butter Bell

Butter Crocks and other table top accessories
$5.50 Standard Shipping

TAGLINE The Original Butter Bell� Crock is made from high quality, durable New Bone stoneware, and safely keeps butter at room temperature without spoilage, refrigeration or odors. Shop a selection of beautiful housewares, including the original Butter Crock, from Butter Bell today! !


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