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Chanel Purse Makes You More Attractive : Chanel Bag

Is it true that a chanel purse will make you more attractive?  Well, I really do not know.  It is very possible that you had already looked perfect.  Therefore, how could a new Chanel purse make you even more attractive???

Today I received a message regarding Chanel purses.  I think it was from a non-reputable source trying to sell Chanel purses that are not legit.  Therefore, I thought I would write my own handbag blog post and point you in the direction of finding product and info from more legit resources.  OK, lets be clear on one thing.  Some of the pages that I am about to guide you to are managed by technology (search technology).  Therefore, it is very possible that some non-legit resources slip into the mix.  Please be careful and do your full research.
If you want to be certain to find the real deal, go to the Chanel website at
If you are interested in a Chanel pursesand you are a great fan of the brand, why not visit a chanel purse online store where you can find, all brand new bags.  Well, one reason is that they may not be real Chanel purses, wallets or handbags.  However, with that said, you can truly find legit resources online as well.  The unfortunate truth is that distinguishing between the legit and not legit is a pain in the neck.  Personally, I would go to well known fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor etc, when you are searching for designer handbags.  If you are looking for luxury fashion brand stores, I would suggest you visit the luxury fashion brand directory website.
Here is an example of comments from a replica handbag supplier suggesting reasons to buy a Chanel purse.  Maybe this will offer you some guidance.  I have removed the links to the counterfeit site and replaced them with links to Chanel's website.
"Many people are going to wonder why they should want to use some fashion bags. At least, one reason to use these Chanel purses is that a person can carry items inside of them. However, it has changed nowadays, bags also make women stylish and charming, that’s the point. Chanel purses are loved by all women, personally I’m a Chanel purse addict.  If you are really a true fashionista, you will, at the turn of the season be lusting madly over a gorgeous new handbag that is a must have for the wardrobe. Chanel purses for You Wardrobe, which is the dream of women.  All in all,the purpose of all kinds of accessories is to perk up the looks of women and make them look more attractive and confident.  Chanel is one of the most revered names in high class and ultra expensive fashion today.  Chanel has been known for its beautiful creations that every woman aspires to have.  Now get one Chanel purse,chanel cambon is not difficult.  As people have busy schedules every day, and it becomes impossible to take out special time to go and do some shopping. A Chanel online shop become popular, which has indeed added convenience and comfort to the lives of many, and gradually, online shopping is gaining popularity.  At least Chanel now makes life a little simpler for you. 2011 Christmas is coming soon, Chanel 2.55 is the better gift for your family or friends.  Merry Christmas in advance."

When you plan to shop for Chanel handbags, purses or wallets, I would suggest you contact directly to the company and ask them the best ways to find out if the bag is truly made by them.  Again, you may simply want to head to one of the well known fashion retailers so you avoid any possibility of accidentally getting a conterfeit Chanel purse.
Learn more about Chanel from the fashion links below.
Coco Chanel 
If you work in the fashion industry and have interest in this topic, you are welcome to discuss any issue relevant to Chanel at the Chanel Group on the Fashion Industry Network.
You may be able to find product on the eBay website.  You can learn more about women's fashion on eBay from the eBay women's fashion section on Apparel Search. 
Coco Chanel: The Legend and the LifeChanel: Collections and Creations

Chanel and Her World

No. 5 by Chanel for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray, 3.4 Ounce

Please do not bother much with the links listed "below".  They all bring you to the "same" place.  I have made these links all go to the Chanel website.  It is my attempt at helping fight back at replica fashion.  My goal is to create links to the "correct" places rather then have people caught by all the links created by the non-legit companies to replica websites.  Learn more about counterfeit fashion and how to fight against it.  Again, these following links will just take you to the Chanel website.  Therefore, you only need to click one of them... Chanel purses Chanel purse chanel flap bag chanel flap bags chanel classic flap bag chanel classic flap chanel handbags chanel handbag chanel 2011 purse chanel 2010 purses chanel cambon chanel cambon purse chanel cambon 2011 chanel cambon tote chanel cambon flap chanel tote bag chanel coco chanel hobo chanel 2010 collection chanel 2011 collection chanel Denim.
Enjoy your shopping.


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